SUNlike for Growth

The rising requirements in plant growth for research, breeding and crop production require a new lighting solution for optimal growth of any plant.

Adaptable spectra, modulated light intensity and sensor feedback are requested to take research and horticulture on the next level. Phytotronic products provide the requested functionalities and can be tailored to match even specific demands.

Recreating the Sun with up to 21 different types of LEDs enables researchers and greenhouse farmers alike to get the most from their plants. Establishing SUNlike to exceed PAR ranges, to include specific trigger wavelengths and to give control over spectrum and power.

Creating the right light has never been so easy.

All illumination are based on LED’s for even illumination, high efficiency, minimal thermal input and longevity while providing a high level of control and feedback. They are designed to be easily integrated into phytotron chambers and greenhouses.

SUNlike spectrum in comparison to ASTM-G 173

Sunlight Spectrum based on LED in comparison with ASTM G 173